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6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

I’m rounding out my celebration of autumn colors with today’s bold fall wedding palettes! From bright jewel tones to chiaroscuro-inspired artistic tones to a modern spin on classic fall colors, be prepared for a dose of vivid color and a lot of style!

Burgundy, Orange and Teal Fall Wedding | 6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

Colorful Autumn Wedding in Burgundy, Orange, and Teal 

If you’ve only read a post and a half of my blog, it should be no surprise that I adore bold color and feature them whenever possible! If you ask me, the colors are one of the best things about the fall – aside from crisp sweater weather, cinnamon on everything, and the start of whiskey season, of course. Whether it’s a modern take on the traditional colors of the fall leaves or a Halloween inspired palette that manages to evoke the dramatic shading of fine art paintings, I am all about bold!

Still Life Inspired Fine Art Wedding | 6 Bold Fall Wedding PalettesStill Life Inspired Fine Art Wedding

Peacock Blue and Copper | 6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

Peacock Blue and Copper

Two of the most distinct hallmarks of the season have to be the use of metallic and jewel tones! Both happen to be personal favorites of mine, especially this combination of peacock blue and on-trend copper, or a traditional autumn palette turned into bold gemstone colors!

Jewel Toned Autumn Wedding | 6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

Rich Jewel Toned Autumn Wedding

Artistic Wedding in Poppy Orange, Teal, and Gold | 6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

Poppy, Teal, and Gold Artistic Wedding

Darkly Baroque Palette in Ink and Berry | 6 Bold Fall Wedding Palettes

Darkly Romantic Baroque Wedding in Ink and Berry

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